PowaKaddy & Hill Billy Servicing

Our workshop became the first ever PowaKaddy service centre back in 1983 and has built up a reputation for offering fast and efficient service.

                   Why have your electric trolley serviced?

A poorly maintained cart will cost you more in the long term. It will run down a battery faster, be noisy, and look a total wreck. In a busy season, it will harm your golf if it breaks down in the middle of that important match or ’wonder round’. Our oft quoted saying is that ‘Prevention is cheaper than cure’.  Electric carts are much more like a car (that one has serviced annually) and less like a washing machine, that you buy, plug in and when it breaks down buy another  You certainly would not do that with a car!? We can email a full report on your cart to give you options as to fitting new or good salvaged parts or even upgrades. for you to fully understand our position?

Our servicing packages involves a full strip down of your trolley, clean, lubricate, renew wearing parts and a full (and we do mean full) check of the electrical system, the drive train and power consumption.   All carts are then adjusted for straight running and given a final test to make sure your cart performs as close to new as we can get.

Our service deals require you to drop off and collect your trolley from us at West Byfleet Golf Club. We can collect by courier ( but that assumes you have a cardboard box of a suitable size) to pack the cart up in?   We charge £15 each way in addition to the fees listed to deal with location within the UK

We can supply information to help you understand the value and sense in maintaining your cart, which has opened the eyes of the most opinionated owner.

                   Servicing Prices

Service Package Service Turnaround Classic Legend,
Freeway, Freeway 2
or Hill Billy
1 10 days £45.00 £65.00
2 5 days £80.00 £100.00

All service prices are inclusive of V.A.T but do not include parts.