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For the following Powakaddy models with EDF (electronic distance function):

  • Powakaddy Freeway (not Freeway2)
  • Powakaddy Classic Legend


If your Powakaddy is displaying any of the following symptoms then you probably need to replace the potentiometer:

  • Won't start sometimes, but starts when you tap the control knob on the handle
  • Trolley sometimes starts on its own when the knob is turned to the off position
  • Trolley had been intermittant and will now not work at all

This potentiometer is for Powakaddy's which have the green EDF button on the handle - this is the button which you press to send the trolley off then stops on it's own.


If you have any questions do not hesitat to ask us by email us on or send us a message from the chat option. 

Powakaddy Freeway EDF/Classis Legend EDF Potentiometer

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