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Powakaddy FW/C2/C2i/FX/CT Gearbox

This is the gearbox which is used on the following Powakaddy electric golf trolleys:

Powakaddy FW3 / FW3i / FW3s

Powakaddy FW5 / FW5i / FW5s

Powakaddy FW7 / FW7s / FW7s GPS

Powakaddy C2 / C2i

Powakaddy FX3 / FX5 / FX7 / FX7 GPS

Powakaddy CT6 / CT6 GPS

Powakaddy Touch (2016 onwards)

This gearbox is not suitable for Powakaddy models which have EBS (electronic braking system).

Comes complete with fitting instructions.

Powakaddy FW/C2/C2i/FX/CT Gearbox

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