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Rome 2 Total War Radious Unit Pack 3 - Eastern Eclipse Pc Game




New graphics + all vanilla portraits, 10 new units (all 4th century), and a new kingdom system for every civ. Also new and updated settlements, scripts, and sounds + new policies, like Civil Service, and a unit stacking debuff for the Romans. All scripts + sound files are full HD, all patches are 16 bit and we updated all files for best compatibility. All buildings are now 32bit. We added several mods to work better together. Too many mods work better alone. So we decided to "merge" all. So no new ones on this mod. It's all included in a package. We now use mp4 format. So you can now download and load both lite and full version simultaneously. We are now no longer private to our server.The new version of Total War: Rome 2 Overhaul does not require any additional downloads. You can now download it directly from the website. Overview TOW is a total remodeling mod for Rome 2, that changes the entire game so that it has a more historical theme. It contains a lot of changes, from the technology and city layout, to the troops, graphics, scripts and sound effects. Contents What's included Changelog Total War: Rome 2 Overhaul 1.0.1 Mod: Fixed simple errors. Downloaded again and launched. Didn't work in 1.0.1, so we have an issue here. Moved files to Github. (Using) Feature: Fixed missing textures on multiplayer. Everything works now. If you haven't downloaded 1.0.1, then download 1.0 and then use the file on 1.0.1. Mod: Fixed a bug with the support in the option screen. Also, in the download screen, the last line wasn't working. Added a new file (download) to fix this. If you downloaded 1.0.1, it should be working, otherwise, it's not. Added a new civ to the game. The Ubii, starting at 392 B.C. They build this civ in the West. Look for them in the New World map. Feature: Added an option screen. In this option screen, you can change many things, including the portrait, maps, terrain, civilizations. Also, the choice of the map editor. Added another portrait to the game. The Roman portrait from Caesar. Boomer: Added a new unit




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Rome 2 Total War Radious Unit Pack 3 - Eastern Eclipse Pc Game
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